Save money consistently with these 3 easy steps.

January 24, 2017

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How many times have you told yourself that you are going to start saving money? but until now you don't have any savings. You possibly started and saved but end up spending it. 
That is just one example why people are unsuccessful in saving money. People want to be free financially, that goal needs discipline and self-control.  

Here are the three must do to thing to start saving consistently

    1.  Save before spend
    Setting up an automatic savings facility is the best way to save money consistently month after month. Most banks offer automatic deductions from your salary to your savings account. That way you save first before you can see and spend your money. An effective way to save up. Save, pay bills and spend.Most of us save after spending, save after paying bills. A poor practice in handling finances and end up no saving at all.
    2. Create a realistic budget. Create a budget that you can follow. We sometimes fail because we design impossible goals. Saving first before spending is what we are going to follow. 

  • Live from what’s left after saving. Write down your income, savings, and expenses. Deduct savings from your income and live with what is left.  It is easier said than done, I know. Put in mind that nothing comes easy especially in managing your finances. If managing money is easy no one is struggling for sure, but that is not the case. The reality is, it is so hard to manage finances without a rule to follow, without a system that makes you control your money.
  • Do not touch your savings.  Saving money can be done easily.  The real problem comes in when you have an insufficient amount for your expenses, bills, mortgage/rent, groceries and a lot more. Do not be tempted to touch your savings. Our goal is to save consistently every payday, remind yourself of that always. Borrowing money from a savings account is the real reason why most people have no savings at all. 

  • Create a menu plan. Food is where we tend to spend more. Preparing our own food to work and home is less expensive than taking out. Creating a menu planner promotes nutrition for your family, saving you for medicines and medical expenses in the future. You will be surprised by the amount of money you will be saved when you cook your own meals.

            3.  Earn extra. Discover your talent and make money out of that. You can bake, paint, tutor, write or work part time online. Render over time at work if needed. Other's sell valuable stuff that no longer in use. Shirts, pants, shoes, bags, home appliances, and kids stuff. The garage sale is a great way to sell valuables. Instead of asking a loan from family, think of a service you can offer them. Sell them your baked cupcakes, offer to tutor their kids or babysits for a few hours. The principle of earning extra is to avoid getting indebted when you are short of money for your expenses. 

Five things to help you get started saving that hard earned money

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  1. Save before you spend is key! I refuse to put anything major on credit card unless I have the actual money to pay it off.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I am a budgeting fool since I started on the road of getting my Bachelors in accounting. I keep receipts to everything and I like to see where are spending is going It is amazing what budgeting can do for you financially!!

  3. Great article! Hubby and I are firm believers in saving, saving and more saving! I completely agree, realistic budgets are key and including your savings in your budget!

  4. Thanks for the ideas! I *think* I'm on track with each of these measure. Except maybe save first...I need to work on that.

  5. I've been withdrawing cash so I only spend what I have when I leave the house. I agree on meal planning! More cost friendly and less wasteful.

  6. My husband plan the budget of our family and he does keep everything under control. Your tips are handy and would love to use them now. Thanks

  7. Great suggestions and tips. I agree with not touching your savings account or borrowing from it.

  8. I'm the worst at saving. My Qapital app has been a lifesaver lately since I can't see the savings!

  9. Great advice! Easier said than done lol

  10. I am definitely working on the meal planning right now. We tend to eat out a lot, which ends up costing so much!

  11. I am definitely working on the meal planning right now. We tend to eat out a lot, which ends up costing so much!

  12. I find that side hustles really bring the money in if you're doing something you love and that works with your schedule!


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