The Ultimate Blog Planner for your strategies and blogging goals

Keep track of your blog strategy and keep them organized by using a blog planner. Be accountable to your own goals and be on top of your business game. 

2018 blog planner
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The 2018 blog planner 

Why you should use the 2018 Blog Planner for your business? This planner is not just an ordinary planner to keep you organized. The 2018 blog planner will help you boost your blog traffic and increase your blog income eventually. 

The most important thing is, it will eliminate overwhelm in your blogging strategy and goals. No more hair pulling in frustrations. The 2018 blog planner will be your guide strategically to grow your blog.

Below are awesome reasons why you should use the 2018 blog planner 

  • This blog planner will help you organize the products you offer on your blog. Opt-in freebie, tripwire and your main product. 
  • Figure out what your readers want and need by using the audience analysis tracker. 
  • Set you blogging goals and break them into quarters. 
  • Keep track of your progress.
  • Simplify your email campaigns in advance.
2018 blog planner

  • Keep track of your best blog post ideas by using a checklist.
  • Work smarter not harder by duplicating your best blog post and promoting them over again. 
  • Plan out a series of blog post to boost your blog traffic.
  • Keep track of your sponsored content and collaborations.
  • Year at a glance
  • Monthly Goals
  • Daily plans
  • Weekly planner


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Are you using a blog planner? How do you keep track of the overwhelming task of your business? 
Leave your answer in the comment box below!


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  1. This blog planner seems like it would be perfect for my scatter brain! I have sooo many ideas when it comes to blog post planning and email list ideas, it would be great to have a go-to place to write everything down. Thanks for sharing it with us! :)


    Maya of

  2. I'm an extremely disorganized person, I have to confess. Having a blog planner will be my next level of sophistication, but I still have to get there :) Thank you for sharing your way to get things planned in advance!

    Anastasia behind

  3. This seems so helpful! I'm still new to this and I have quickly learned how things go from 0 to 100 after launching! I can def. use some more organization! Thank you!

    Antonia from

  4. So many good tips! Last year, I really started to monetize my blog, and take on a lot of sponsored posts. It can get so overwhelming! I need a good system to keep track of due dates and pitches!

  5. I just bought myself a blog planner for this year! I was manually tracking stats in a notebook last year but want to be more proactive in forward planning. Thanks for the tips!

  6. I've tried a few methods to keep organized but nothing seems to work! I should give this a try!

  7. What a good idea! As a new blogger, I like the idea of putting a system in place to keep me on task!

  8. I love the simplifying of the email campaigns. That's where I get stuck... what to send next? I need to plan ahead. Love all of these tips!

  9. I used OneNote to plan out my blogs. But this seems so much more organized! Thanks for sharing!

  10. This blog planner will be useful and helpful for me to plan well this year. It wil help me to be more coordinated and organized.

  11. I feel like systems are everything in blogging -- it's definitely taken me a minute to get a handle on mine!

  12. I so need this. I'm always all over the place it seems. I'm finally getting the hang of things and staying on track for the most part. This is a great idea!

  13. Great resource here! It can definitely get overwhelming when trying to keep up with everything that goes along with maintaining your blog.


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