How to increase clicks on Pinterest and traffic to your blog

How to increase clicks on Pinterest

How do you get blog traffic? Are you using Pinterest and getting clicks on it?

Improve your click-through rate to actually see the awesome result of Pinterest to increase page views.

Why do you need to focus on click-through rate? It is actually a good thing that your pins are popular and getting eyeballs. But impression on Pinterest is nothing when people are not clicking on your pins.

You have to turn these impressions into clicks, make people visit your website and read your blog.

Increasing clicks on Pinterest is not that hard. Pinterest and Google Analytics will give you the exact pins that bring traffic to your blog.

How to use Pinterest Analytics to get the pins that people will surely click on?

Go to Pinterest Analytics. Click on activity on your website and you will see different tabs. Choose “clicks” and your pins from your website that getting the most clicks will be displayed.

You can also choose to show data from the last 7 days, 14 days or 30 days.

These are the pins that bring traffic to your site. Check why these pins are getting clicks compared to your other pins. 

Below are some reasons why your pins are getting clicks. These are the things that you should focus more on your pins.

These pins have a great headline that entices people to learn more about your content.

The fonts and colors are easy to read and visible on mobile. Bigger fonts work best to highlight powerful words and capture people's attention.

You have a compelling image that tells about your content. An image that reflects your audience situation.

Is it vertical? Is it longer than most of your pins? Use the same pin size when you create pins.

Using keywords on Pin description is a great way to be found on Pinterest. Take this opportunity as well to get people's interest to click and read your content.

Check out the stats of the pin to better understand the popularity of the pin. How many clicks and repins it got since the first time it appeared on Pinterest. It gives you more in-depth analysis of how a specific pin performs.

How to increase blog traffic using Pinterest

You can do two things with these most clicked pins to increase visits to your blog posts

1. Take note of the URL of these pins. Save the same pin URL often to your own board and group boards. Since these pins are high performing pins, give them the boost they need to go viral by consistently pinning them manually. There is actually a great manual pinning strategy to increase your blog traffic without spending for a scheduler monthly. Click here to learn more about increasing your page views using Pinterest with manual pinning.

2. Replicate these most clicked pins. Create similar pin design for your other blog posts using the same fonts, size and colors. Write more enticing headlines.

Save them to your own boards and group boards manually.

If you are using a scheduler like Tailwind or Boardbooster that is fine. But you also have to manually pin sometimes to show Pinterest that you are an engaged user. Please always pin the most clicked pins from Pinterest Analytics or Google Analytics every time you decide to manual pin.


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Are you using Pinterest to increase your page views? Are you focusing on impressions or clicks?
Comment your answer and let us know some of your Pinterest tips.

Increase your page views using Pinterest. Increase your clicks on Pinterest to grow your blog traffic

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