Verify your blogger blog on Pinterest

Getting your blogger account verified on Pinterest is a great way to brand your website. It helps increase traffic and people engage with your website. Pinterest has now 175 million monthly active users. Pinterest is getting popular not only for personal use but for people wanting to grow their business too.

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Verifying Pinterest business on blogger. 

Verify your website by going to Pinterest settings. Look for the website information that says verify website. Copy the meta tag code. Log in to your blogger account. Go to THEME, edit HTML.

Press ctrl-F for the search box, type in  <head>

Right below the  <head>  pastes the snippet code that you copied from Pinterest. Click on save theme.

Go back to Pinterest and click on Finish button. You will get a confirmation message that says the website is now confirmed.

Aside from the check mark that says site confirmed, seeing the Analytics button on the top left of your Pinterest account means you have successfully verified your website. Yehey!
It is actually very simple but if you are like me who is not a technical person please proceed with caution.

Continue reading if you don't have a Pinterest account yet and want to sign up for Pinterest. Head straight down to switch to Pinterest business account if you have an existing account but has not switched to business account yet.

Sign up to Pinterest 

 I love Pinterest because of its cool pinboards. Pin it in the right category leave it there and check back after a few days and still there. With Pinterest, you are not scared losing links that you need. 

1. Go to Pinterest. 
2. Sign up using either Email, Google or Facebook accounts.
3. If you choose to sign up using an email you have to click on the confirmation link sent by Pinterest to your email.

After you have signed up, you have your Pinterest account up now. Yey! Narrow down your interests into categories or topics. An example of a category is travel, life quotes, arts, parenting, music and etc.

You probably seeing now a photo gallery called pins. Click a pin that captures your attention, interest or something that you want to know more about. Click on the small button that says visit/read at the bottom of the pin or image if you want to read the post or click on save at the top of an image to save the post to your pinboards. 

Pinterest is a search engine. If you are looking for something, Pinterest surely got an answer. Yes, just like searching on Google. The cool part is, you are able to save an article to share with your followers. Once you click on save, you will be asked to create your pinboard. Name your boards according to the pins categories, for example, travel board for any articles related to travelling. If you are going to save a recipe create a board for the recipe, if you are pinning about gardening then create a board for gardening. 

Your boards would be like your library with the right labels. Discover ideas and pin.

Switch to Pinterest business account 

Pinterest is now widely used. If you wanted to use Pinterest for marketing, convert to a business account. Introduce your product to your customers with product boards. The good thing about switching to a business account is that you'll have access to Pinterest Analytics. It will tell you how people are engaging with your content.

1. Go to Pinterest business

2. Click on Switch if you want to switch your existing personal account to a business or click Log out and create new.

3. Type in your business name, Choose your type of business in the drop-down menu and enter your website.

4. Click on Convert button and you are done switching your account to Pinterest business.


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Verify your blogger on Pinterest. How to switch to Pinterest business oof blogger blog.

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  1. omg thank you!! I'm gonna do this now!! <3

    1. You are welcome. I am happy that you find this post helpful.

  2. Been having trouble with this. Thanks for the help!

    1. No problem Crystal. Let me know if you need any more help on this.

  3. I've been considering changing to a business acct but I am not sure if it'll cost me $ or if I'll lose my pins, boards or followers 😬

    1. It's totally free and what's good about it is you are not going to lose any of your pins, boards and followers.

  4. I'm on WordPress, but this looks like very helpful, easy to follow tut for those on Blogger.

  5. How do you add the pinterest pin it button to your images on blogger. Any assistance on how you did yours will be highly appreciated. Thanks

    1. You can go to Pinterest developer widget and follow the Pinterest instruction there.


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