How To Make Affiliate Sales Fast As A New Blogger With No Traffic

How to Make Affiliate Sales - No Matter How Small Your Audience is

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Want to quickly make affiliate sales with a new blog? 

Wondering how long it takes to make money from affiliate marketing when you don't have enough blog traffic?

Learn how to earn and increase your affiliate income even without a ton of blog traffic using the affiliate marketing strategies in this post. 

This post contains affiliate links. It means I get a small commission when you purchase using my affiliate links. Please know that I only recommend products and services I trust and use.

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Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your blog. You don’t need to have a ton of blog traffic to get started. 

Why not get started with affiliate marketing on your first day of blogging? 

If you have more blog traffic the better, it means more affiliate sales. 

But are you going to wait until your page views reach 10K or 50K before you get started making affiliate sales?  

You can make affiliate sales with the blog traffic that you already have. Yes, you can, no matter how small your audience is. 

To get started, join high paying affiliate programs in your niche. This master list has 500+ affiliate programs to choose from. 

Printable products offer higher commissions compared to physical products.

eBooks, eCourses, and printable planner offer as much as 50% commissions.

Join affiliate programs that resonate with your audience. Keep all the affiliate information in one place so that you know where to get them quickly. 

You don't have to promote all of them but it is a good thing to have a quick reference to products that you can add to your blog posts. 

Focus on the top three affiliate products, where you are going to put MORE of your time and hard work, more about that later.


Make Your First Affiliate Sale is a Free Course to make your first $100 in an affiliate sale. 

Learn how to make affiliate sales with your blog posts and email. 


Your blog is getting traffic and people are visiting your site. These people are interested in your opinion, they want to hear your views on the topic that interests them. 

These people want to learn from you. You need to find these people and serve them better. 

Your people are the ones reading your blog posts. So you have to find the most visited blog posts on your site.


Affiliate marketing for beginners

Use Google Analytics to get your 5-10 performing posts.

This is how you get your most visited blog posts using Google Analytics. This process will give you the blog posts on all your social media channels.  

  • Go to Google Analytics

  • Acquisition 

  • Social

  • Landing pages

Affiliate marketing for beginners.

If you only want to get the blog posts on your preferred social media channel, Go to Google Analytics and click on the following options.

  • Google Analytics Acquisition 

  • Social

  • Network referrals

  • Choose your preferred Social Media

Affiliate marketing for new bloggers.

By following the instructions above you will get the blog posts that are getting the most traffic to your site. These top blog posts bring your audience to your blog. You just found your audience! 

You just figured out what they want to learn from you based on the blog posts they visit.

They are spending a few minutes to learn from you! 


Serve your audience better by pointing them to services or products that can solve their problem. Send them to your affiliate links. 

That is the beauty of affiliate marketing. You can make money just by helping your readers find the right products and services for them. 

Think of affiliate products that you can add to your top 5-10 blog posts. 

For example, your blog post is about saving money. Insert an affiliate product that helps your readers reduce their budget. Or any affiliate offer that can help them save money in anyways.

After making one or two affiliate sales, you will surely work harder to increase your blog income.

To increase your affiliate sales, eventually, you have to increase your blog traffic and write  more awesome blog posts that are relevant to your top converting affiliate products

Writing an awesome blog post can be done quickly, learn how to do just that here!


Based on your result or affiliate commissions, take note of your top three affiliate products. 

These are the ones resonating with your audience. These are the affiliate products and services that your readers love to spend money on to solve their problems.

Do not remove the other affiliate links that you have with your performing posts. That is not what I meant by focusing on your top 3 affiliate products.

What you need to do is to create more blog posts solving your reader's problem using your top affiliate products. 

Say, for example, most of your affiliate commission is coming from the meal planning eBook. 

What topic can you write about meal planning? Can you write more problem-solving posts about meal planning and link to that affiliate offer?

There you have it, friends. That is how to make affiliate sales using the blog traffic that you are already enjoying. That is how to increase your affiliate sales based on your result. 


If you find this helpful, please share it with your friends on social media. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. I would appreciate that.

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How new bloggers without a ton of blog traffic make affiliate sales fast. Step By Step Guide. Do you want to make affiliate sales for your new blog? Wondering how long does it takes to make money from affiliate marketing when you're blog traffic is low? Learn how to earn from affiliate marketing with a small audience and without a ton of blog traffic.

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  1. really just getting started with affiliate sales over here, thanks for the tips. much appreciated!

    1. Thank you so much Jessica for reading this post. I hope to hear from you when you make your first affiliate sale.

  2. Thanks for this! I just began my journey with Affiliate Work and the only rescource I had for awhile was AlisonLindstrom's videos! lol thanks again I'll def be implementing these tips on my blog and for my other business.

    1. Thank you. Affiliate marketing is very rewarding. Wishing you all the best in your journey.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I'm definitely interested in learning more about affiliates and how they can help me in the beginning stages of blogging!!!

    1. Thank you Jen. It can be very challenging in the beginning. I hope you find this post helpful.

  4. This is a great post very helpful information.I'm just starting affiliate sales and this blog helps me alot. Thanks for sharing

  5. Thank you Martha. Did you already make your first affiliate sales? There are free resources in this blog that you can use. I hope to hear more about your progress.

  6. Thank you for your wisdom. This helps me to put things into a better perspective.

  7. How can I be part of your affiliate program, Pinterest is no longer allowing affiliate links from sendowl

    1. Hi Laura. Affiliate programs who use redirects are no longer allowed on Pinterest like Sendowl. But you can still use them in your blog post and Newsletter. There are a lot of affiliate programs that are not using Sendowl. What do you blog about so I can help you find affiliate program for you?


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