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Boardbooster Strategy for Beginners. How I Tripled my Blog Traffic in 30 Days!

My goal was to increase my blog traffic and increase my affiliate sales using boardbooster strategy!

Pinterest was already my top traffic referral and still is. But last few months, Pinterest had a lot of crazy updates. Because of these updates, my page views went crazy too. It skyrocketed and tanked the following month. My page views have been up and down.

I want to stabilize my blog traffic and increase my affiliate sales!

To achieve this I needed to increase my daily pins and create new pins. (Pinterest loves fresh pins) I was pinning manually about 40 pins a day already.

Consistency is very important with Pinterest. I knew that 80 pins a day would be too much work and time-consuming if I would do it manually.

To be able to pin 80 a day consistently I needed to automate the additional pins. 

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I just wanted to use Boardbooster for back up and continue my manual pinning strategy for most of my pins. 

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You can set and forget it.

I don't need an extra workload that's why I decided to automate some of my pins and focus on more important tasks. 

You will love the "report tab" of Boardbooster. In this tab, you'll find three of my favorite features of Boardbooster. 
  • pinning history
  • board performance
  • best time to pin  

After two weeks of tweaking my strategy, my page views started to go up and several of my pins were getting clicks. A lot of clicks. It means a lot of traffic to my site.

And in a month my page views have tripled!

Boardbooster strategy for beginners. how i tripled my blog traffic in 30 days


When you decide to use Boardbooster it is important to have a goal.
Do you wish to increase your blog traffic?
Do you want to make affiliate sales? Or promote your own product?
Are you growing your list?

Keep track of your progress and continue to tweak your strategies until you hit your goal. It took me two weeks of testing out pins, headlines and group boards before my page views went up. 

Now that your end goal is clear, you need to be strategic.

I was able to hit my goal of increasing my blog traffic and affiliate sales from one blog post. 

I use Boardbooster campaign strategy and manual pinning. But I did not just throw a pin in the scheduler and hoped to get a massive traffic and sales notifications.

I use the best pins from my top post from Google Analytics and added my best group boards to the campaign.



Sign up for Boardbooster account or Sign in.

Under the pinning tools tab click on campaigns, next click the new campaign button, and choose the random campaign. 

You simply have to fill in the details of your Boardbooster random campaign, check the image above.

Give your campaign a name

Source board is the secret board where you are going to save your best pins.
This board holds all your pins that boardbooster will save to your target group boards.

First, you have to collect your best pins, the ones that are getting clicks already. This is to ensure that your pins have a higher chance to get noticed on Smart feed and people visiting your site. 

You only want pins that have high click-through rate to be added to the campaign. Unless you are creating new pins.

Save your best pins to a secret board that will serve as your source board. Don't forget to hit "refresh boards" on Boardbooster.

Target boards This is where your pins are going to be saved by Boardbooster. Choose your top boards and add them to the target board. 

General boards with a high number of followers should not be added here. You want Pinterest to index your pins so better use relevant Group boards with keyword-rich description.

Add your pinning time

Make sure the "working" button is green and you click "save".

Your Boardbooster campaign is now up and running. 
Boardbooster will pick a pin from the source board and save it to your targeted board.

I really love using Boardbooster, It is hands-free. Once you set everything up and you've got enough pins on the source board, it will run on autopilot. 

You will get an email alert if your daily pin is below your daily target. You have to create new pins to be added to your source board. 


Sign up for Boardbooster and get 500 FREE pins for 10 days. 

Collect your best pins

Choose your top posts (if you want to drive traffic to your top posts)

Create your Boardbooster campaign 

Pinterest is a great platform to get a ton of blog traffic. You have an option to manual pin and use a scheduling tool like Boardbooster. Better if you can do both!

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  1. I love that it's automated so that you don't have to do everything manually and it saves time :D

    1. Thank you for checking out this post. Boardbooster can really save you time and can increase you traffic and sales if you have a strategy to follow.

  2. I’ve never heard of BoardBooster, but I’m going to check it out...I definitely need a better Pinterest strategy.

    1. I hope you can check out Boardbooster and try it ASAP. Refer back to this post to get started.

  3. This looks great! I will definitely have to check it out.

    1. Thank you Melanie. Let me know if you need help in setting up your first campaign. Good luck to you.

  4. This is great! I use BoardBooster and love the looping feature on it.

  5. Thank you Grandi. I love Boardbooster's looping and Pin mover. I think I should add them in this post.

  6. I really need to get into boardbooster! I use tailwind already, but maybe it's time to try something new. Thanks for the info!

  7. Thank you for reading! I used Tailwind in the past too but I just love Boardbooster better. Take advantage of the free 500 pins so you can try it out!

  8. I needed this! Everyone talks about tailwind, but I haven't seen a guide for board booster until now!

  9. Thanks so much for this! I have a Boardbooster account but it's definitely underutilized. This is really helpful and has inspired me to focus my efforts on Pinterest again!


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