22 Email Marketing Templates for Bloggers

Engage and Nurture Your List to Boost Your Sales with Less Effort Using these Email Marketing Templates

If you are not engaging with your email list, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to get to know your audience, grow your blog, and boost your income.

Why you should get started with email marketing

> You can easily reach out to your audience using email and engage them.

> It will boost your sales. 

> You are building a profitable relationship with your loyal fans. 

If you have never emailed your list and just don't know what to say, Use these email marketing templates that you can follow!

Stop delaying and send your newsletter today!


7 Templates for just $27

Here are templates for your email marketing and newsletter:

  • 4 Ask Questions Email Templates 
Use this template to ask for your customer's feedback about your product that you can use for FAQs.

  • 3 Free Download Email Templates
Let them know about your new free offers or free downloads.

  • 3 Free Event Announcement Email Templates
Announce a free webinar, training, or any event that you want to promote. 

  • 2 New Post Announcement Email Templates
Get traffic to your new blog post by inviting your email list to read and engage with it.

  • 4 Product / Promotion Email Templates
Use this email to promote a product and make sales.

  • 2 Rant Email Templates
Let them know what has been frustrating and link them to a resource that has helped you.  

  • 2 Social Media Invitation Email Templates
Invite your email list to follow and engage with you on social media. 

  • 2 Survey Invitation Email Templates
Invite them to take a survey and get their opinion that you can use for your content and product creation. 

These templates include follow-up emails already. 

22 Email Marketing Templates for Bloggers


7 Templates for just $27

Note: This is a digital product, nothing will be shipped to you. You will receive a download link. Because of the nature of this product, all sales are final. Thank you so much! 

22 Email Marketing Templates for Bloggers

Email Marketing Templates for Bloggers

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  1. i love this . Email marketing is killing me and i keep procrastinating because i don't know what to do haha its overwhelming. I have a welcome sequence and some freebies set up but thats it . I know i need to engage more but i dont even know where to start haha

  2. I clicked on the link and paid for these templates - but the link to Google Docs that was delivered to my email only had 8 templates. Is there a mistake of some kind?

    1. Thank you for your purchase!
      Those are the 8 categories mentioned above. If you click on each page you'll see templates including follow up emails for each topic making it all 22. Don't hesitate to email me for more questions about the templates. God bless!


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