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Bedtime routine Chart and  hecklist

Do you have evening routines, or do you go to bed straight without checking your calendar and not thinking about your next day's goals and tasks?

If you don't have productive evening routines, you might be rushing and stressed in the morning, especially if you have young kids to drop off at school before you go to work for an early meeting. 

I am sure you want to have pleasant and productive mornings whether you go to work or stay home. 

In this post, you'll learn:

  • How to start your evening routines.
  • How to stay consistent.
  • And you will also get a free bedtime routine chart printable that can help you start making evening routines and develop good night habits. 

This free bedtime checklist Printable is a perfect tool to set you up for stress-free mornings.

It will help you develop repetitive activities you must complete before going to bed every night. 

It is meant to achieve a specific goal or keep you productive the next day.

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I noticed that I'd felt stressed and frustrated in the morning, so I decided to have a bedtime routine. Mornings are the busiest time. Everybody must be somewhere early in the morning, 

I needed to wake up early before my kids, or else I would be pulling my hair out of frustration because the kids' breakfast was not ready yet, and I had work that needed to get done asap. 

I realized that to have peaceful mornings, I needed to start organizing my tasks for tomorrow the night before. This bedtime routine chart printable is so perfect for that. 

You can also start using my bedtime checklist printable. It is a weekly checklist so that you can see your routines for the whole week at a glance. Just download it first, print it out, and use it repeatedly. 

How to use the bedtime routine chart printable

Download it here. Enter your email address, and I will send the free printable to your inbox.


It is very easy to use the bedtime routine chart printable:

  • You only have to list tasks you want to finish before going to bed every night. 

  • Check things off when an item is finished. 

  • Make sure to get everything done, or at least most of them every night. You will need discipline here in this part. It will get easier eventually.


To start, Know your goalWhy do you need to have these evening routines? Most people wanted to have productive mornings. So, before bed, they prepare everything they need in the morning. They check their calendar, set clothes out, and prepare things for breakfast. 

Some people have evening routines to keep themselves healthy, so they sleep early and take supplements or medication. So it is crucial to have clear reasons for doing evening routines. 

Imagine you started these routines and gave up suddenly because things got hard. That's because your goals or reasons were unclear. You were not motivated enough to do the practices regularly when things got tricky.

If you are motivated enough, want to change something, or don't want to be in the same situation you are in right now, set your goals and start developing good night habits. 

Once you see the excellent result of having evening routines, I promise you'll never want to stop. And once it becomes a habit, you'll do it spontaneously without exerting effort.




  • Put it somewhere you can quickly see. 

  • Hang it on the wall

  • Set the alarm for it, and reward yourself for completing them all.

  • Always visualize the results or your end goals or your situation will be once you continuously do evening routines.

  • Stay consistent, and don't get discouraged. And if you missed it, that's okay. Keep moving forward. 

In my experience, I tend not to be able to do my evening routines because I am too tired already. I had no energy left even to start doing even the first task in my first evening routines list.


It depends on your goals or what you want. If you are working on a project, your night routines are based on how you can quickly complete or finish the task with the highest quality. 

Some people have simple routines like brushing their teeth, washing their faces, and going to bed at an exact time. 

But I prefer evening routines that keep me organized or, when done consistently, would bring me closer to my goals.

The first one below is an example of simple evening routines that are best for people who want a good night's sleep. 

1. Clean up 

2. milk/water 

3. sink and dishes

4. meditate

5. Set out clothes

6. read/watch a tutorial 

7. pray

8. No checking emails and messages.

9. Check the calendar/set to-do lists for tomorrow.

10. Already in bed at 9 pm. 


Bedtime routine printables

More bedtime and evening routines. 

These routines are for someone who wants to learn something. Let's say a new hobby or new skill. It is also great for someone who wants to improve themselves. 

  1. Watch at least one video tutorial.
  2. Write down or document your progress today
  3. Write down or note your mistakes today
  4. Set goals and reminders for tomorrow
  5. Remind yourself that you are doing great 

Bedtime routines to save money

  1. Write down expenses
  2. Meal plan
  3. No-spend on things that I don't need
  4. No Starbucks 
  5. Bring my food to work.
  6. Learn new skills that will help you make money

Bedtime routines to maintain a home.

  1. Clean up
  2. Sink
  3. One load of laundry
  4. Prep ingredients for tomorrow's meal plan
  5. Check cleaning schedule
  6. Assign kids chores for tomorrow

Bedtime routines to improve health.

  1. eat write
  2. Exercise
  3. Drink medicine on time
  4. Water intake
  5. Avoid sugar
  6. Avoid fatty food
  7. Avoid salty food
  8. Enough sleep
  9. Worrying less

Bedtime routines to hydrate the body or maintain clear skin 

  1. a glass of water.
  2. Wash face
  3. Remove makeup 
  4. moisturize
  5. toner
  6. 6-8 hours of sleep


Having evening routines helps you achieve something and keeps you motivated. And bedtime routine chart printables will help you consistently track and complete them. 

Before bed, ensure everything is checked off; you will love the feeling. 

More free printables are here. 

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