One-Page 21-Day Challenge Printable Planner


Do want to create good habits SO YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS?

Do you have something that you want to do without stopping? 

Would you like some help to make you stay consistent each day? 

Whatever you wanted to achieve, whatever your goal is, you can only achieve that if you are consistently doing the things that you have to do. 

If you wanted to lose weight, watching your diet and exercising is a daily commitment. It is not something that you will only do at the beginning and then pause suddenly. 

Same thing with saving money, cleaning routines, choosing to be happy, starting a new hobby, etc. You wanted to achieve something so you must do what it takes and you have to be consistent.

But, there are some days that we feel lazy, we are procrastinating, and not motivated at all. 

How do you combat laziness or losing the will to do the same thing again and again? 

Are you up for the challenge of doing what you MUST do daily? Consistently do it until it becomes a habit? Get it done even if you feel lazy and unmotivated? 

If yes, then, my one-page 21-Day Challenge Printable Planner is for you. 

Achieve your goals by consistently crossing out your to do list. Create good habits by using this one-page printable planner.

Doing what it takes to achieve your goals doesn't have to be a struggle. 

It SHOULD be enjoyable and celebrated. It means you are a step closer and you are getting closer and closer to your goals each day. 

Challenging yourself and crossing tasks daily is a great way to achieve your goals and make the journey easier and more fun for you. 

They say it takes 21 days to form good habits! How about we put that to the test? 

Grab the 21-day Challenge Printable Planner and start slaying daily tasks to achieve your goals. 


NOTE: This is a printable planner. Nothing will be shipped. Because of the nature of the product, all sales are final!


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