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Hi, I am Sarah Fabol mother of two girls and one boy. I love spending time with my kids. Who wouldn't right? I feel lucky to have a quantity and quality time with them while still giving attention to my biggest project which is this page.

I am excited to share with you tips and tricks I do to simplify my life. Printable planner inserts like a to-do list and productivity kit, not the grandest but a powerful tool to maximize your productivity.

I also would love to share with you Inspiring quotes to motivate you in achieving your goals. Inspiring words, phrases, and quotes have the ability to lift someone's mood. It has the power to make a weak person strong. It cheers a lonely heart and makes impossible possible.

To have fun, to express myself, share my knowledge and potentially make money are things that triggered me to start blogging.
I never thought that running a blog would be this challenging.
The challenges I experienced in starting this page was nothing compared to the joy and accomplishment I am feeling right now seeing my website up and running smoothly.

It is true that we don't grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges. That was my journey to blogging.

That's all for me now, to contact me, please email me at
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