Set your goals and achieve them. (Slay Your Goals Planner Review)

How to set goals and actually achieve them. Wondering where you can find a goal planner that can make setting goals fun and enjoyable? A goal planner that makes you stick with your action goals until the end? The Slay Your Goals Planner is what I use for my personal and blogging goals.

READ MORE to learn how this awesome Goal Planner can help you slay your GOALS. Slay Your Goals And Achieve Them (Slay Your Goals Planner review)

 How to set goals and achieve them.

How to break bad habits that hinder you from achieving your goals?

How to set goals and achieve them?
You must read this before you set your goals.

Setting goals are not enough, You need to get rid of your bad habits to achieve your goals?
Bad habits are a negative behaviour pattern that stops you from improving your life. 

How to break bad habits to achieve your goals.

Ten mornings routines for moms to be productive

Who is the busiest in the morning? I can say moms with kids are. She, who sleeps late at night and the first to be up. She is the one who keeps the house clean and shiny, make sure healthy food is on the table. 

How moms can have quiet time before her kids wake up. Ten morning routine for busy moms.

What Makes a Great Home Binder For busy moms

A great home management binder should keep a busy mom organized. It should be a solution for all busy moms to manage her home and life in one place. 

In this post, you'll get an idea of a great home binder to make you productive and efficient in managing your home without losing your mind. Plus awesome resources for busy moms. 

Home Binder for busy moms

Things To Include In Moms Planner - For Busy Moms

Gratitude Log is a journal of things which one is grateful. It focuses on positive things and encourages one to be thankful. Maintaining a gratitude Log at first can be difficult because it is another thing that you should remember among other important tasks. But the impact of this hobby can tremendously change the way you view challenges in life. 

Planner for busy moms

Organize your workspace and be more productive in 10 minutes

Clutter has a negative impact on our productivity and we don’t want that in our workspace. We want our work-space clutter-free, organized and tidy. A well-organized workspace minimizes distractions and stress leading us to focus on our day to day task.

READ MORE Organize your workspace and be productive

5 Best to-do list tips for a stress-free day

We want to cross out most if not all on our to-do list. We tend to make a long list of tasks for the day but still end up drained with a lot more to finish. Are we not doing enough? Keeping a to-do list requires a commitment to completing your tasks and following your progress by marking it. Others create a separate to-do list for their personal and work. 

READ MORE 5 Best To- Do List tips for a stress-free day

To do list tips to be productive


How to prepare an effective to-do list

Forgot an important event? Stressed because of so many tasks to complete? No longer motivated to finish your goals? These are the signs that you are maybe not using a “to do list” to be efficient.

To do list is an important listing of everything that you need to do. It is designed to meet your deadlines, cover all your activities, Prioritize and manage your time. Be productive, meet your deadlines and have a stress free day by using a to-do list.



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