Goal Planner Printables

Need help with Goal Setting? 

Want to set goals and stay motivated until the end? You are in the right place.

“Set goals and follow through!"

Each day you'll have clear actions to bring you closer to your goal. 

I know how it feels like to set goals and lose momentum in the process. 

I always set goals and loved pretty planners but I tend to forget them when overwhelmed, stressed, and bored.

Now, I learned how to set and plan goals with less overwhelming action steps with these goal-planning printables. 

The Goal Planner will help you to...

  • set the goal that you intend to achieve

  • break them down into mini-goals to make them manageable

  • organize these mini-goals into weekly and daily tasks so you are only doing things that matter and not wasting time


  • Goal Planner Cover 

  • Monthly Vision Board Calendar

  • Your #1 Goal For The Month

  • Free Writing Brain Dump

  • Brain Dump With Ideas And Intended End Result

  • Mini Goals

  • Weekly Actions To Take From Weeks 1-5

  • Prioritizing tasks


1. Set your ONE BIG GOAL for the year and create your vision board for it. 

When setting goals it is essential to have a vision board. 

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Vision board gives us a clear picture of what we really want.  And when we are crystal clear about our heart's desires, our thoughts and actions are directed to that goal. 


What to put on your vision board?

It can be a collection of images of your dream car, your dream house, or your dream travel destination. It can be as simple as your dream savings amount written on your vision board. 

There is no limit to creating your vision board. It can be anything that sets you in the mood. Just add anything to your vision board that inspires you to take action despite the difficulties. 

The sky is the limit as long as it helps you manifest your vision. 

Success quotes are a must in your vision board.

Download the FREE vision board success quotes printables below. 

Vision board ideas. Affirmation quotes

2. Use the Monthly Vision Board Calendar (see the image above) and write down your monthly goals. 

Don't write down too many. Just goals that get you closer to the ultimate goal that you have in your vision board. 

Aside from your vision board, these mini-goals help you get clearer about what you really want to achieve in the end. It serves as your reminder. 

Whenever you feel distracted, down, and unmotivated this is where you get back to. Your vision board and written goals are your charging station when things are not going your way. 

3. Set a deadline for your goals

Do you know why setting a deadline for your goals is so important? Most of us keep delaying our goals. Many people set goals and forget them. 

Do you agree that people start getting serious about the project when the deadline is just a few days away? Right.  

It is dangerous to set goals without a deadline. 


This Goal Planner has a page for you to write down your ONE BIG GOAL for each month, how you feel about them, your ideas on how to achieve them, and the results of your actions. 

These pages are perfect for those who are documenting their journey to achieving their goals. 

It is also very helpful to those who have multiple approaches to achieving their goals. They can write them down and see what's working. 

4. Break your goal down into mini-goals 

5. Prioritize your tasks

If you are too busy, ensure you are still working on your goal. This page can help you ensure that you are taking action every single day. 

I hope this Goal Planner gives you ideas on how to set goals and achieve them. 


These are printables so you can print as many pages as you want and use them for 2024 and beyond. Every year, you will receive an updated copy so no more buying new Goal Planner each year. 

Note: This is a digital product, nothing will be shipped to you. You will receive a download link. Because of the nature of this product, all sales are final. Thank you so much!


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