How can you break bad habits that hinder you from achieving your goals?

You must read this before you make your New Years resolution. Setting goals are not enough, You need to get rid of your bad habits to achieve your goals? 

Bad habits are a negative behaviour pattern that stops you from improving your life.
It can delay your success or ultimately stops you from living your dream life.

Everyone has a bad habit and it is something that’s not easy to break.

Warning signs of bad habits are if the results of your actions are messing up your schedules, delaying you to achieve your goals and ruining your life!

When setting goals it is also important to include how you can get rid of bad habits that hinder you to accomplish your goals actions plan.

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Reasons why we fail in achieving our goals

  1. procrastination
  2. setting multiple goals
  3. focusing on big wins
  4. does not have a specific game plan to achieve the goals
  5. giving up

What are your bad habits that stop you to achieve your goals? 

Think about it and carefully make a plan on how you can turn these bad habits into good ones.

We all have different goals to achieve and bad habits to break. List down your bad habits that you think can be a problem when you start your action plans.

Common bad habits when setting goals 

  • Snoozing your alarm can result in procrastination.
  • Overcommitting yourself means not completing tasks within your deadline.
  • Not setting up mini goals to achieve big ones means failure.
  • You’ll end up with no goals accomplished when you mentally wish to complete something without writing it down in a goal setting planner.

  • Can you turn these bad habits into good ones?

    What triggers your bad habits?

    1. Think about of the triggering cues and discipline yourself.
    2. Why are you not in bed early? Are these things making you closer to your goals?
    3. Are you afraid to say no?
    4. Do you need help to set goals and crush them?
    5. Are your goals not clear yet?

    What can you do instead to avoid these bad habit triggers? 

    Big goals should scare you a lot and excite you!

    When you are able to at least manage bad habits that hinder you to achieve your goals, you can already start setting goals. This time you are confident to take a risk and set bigger goals for your life and business.

    Are you ready to aim high and set bigger goals?

    Write your goals down

    A goal without a plan is just a wish! 

    Remember wishing is one of the bad habits in setting goals. 

    Use a planner for your daily agenda

    We are so busy keeping the demands of our work, family, life and business. To succeed it is vital to be organized and focused. We need a tool to keep track of our day to day tasks. We need a planner to better manage our time, to increase productivity and to have a stress -free day!

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    Have a separate planner for goal setting

    Your personal planner is for your daily tasks and agenda. 
    Having a separate planner or a goal setting workbook designed for setting goals and slaying them ensures that your ultimate goals are achieved.

    Imagine using a goal setting blueprint that tells you how to set actionable goals and how to achieve them, having a fillable worksheet that every action guarantees success and a template leading you to the right directions. Awesome right?

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    Learn more about the Slay Your Goals Planner 

    A great tool to use when setting up and achieving your personal and business goals.
    With this planner, you'll love to set goals and stick to it day by day. This is not your ordinary planner, this is designed for goal slayers like you!


    Breaking bad habits is not an easy task. Our goal here is to discover the triggering cues and combat them so we can turn bad habits into good ones.

    Are you ready to slay your goals? Click to check out the Slay Your Goals Planner

    Let me know your big goals and let's celebrate your wins! Small wins count!
    Please leave me your comments below and share!


    1. My goal is to make a living off of blogging. I don’t have to make 100,000 a month or anything but just enough to replace my current income would be great.

      1. Thank you for sharing your goal with us.

    2. Great tips. I love to write things down and break down larger tasks. One of my goals for the new year is to create a bigger picture sort of goal list and then break that into smaller sections for the to-do list!

    3. I soooo love making (and nailing) goals! You're absolutly right about habits. They're not easy to form, but are rewarding in the long run. My personal win - I've managed to become a morning person (and I was a true night owl before). This was such a game-changer for my productivity!

    4. Great ideas! I'm so glad to finally be on track with goal setting!

      1. Thank you. That's good to hear. Share us how you did it!

    5. A-grade procrastinator right here. Great tips!

    6. I believe in writing down the goals. That's so much of help! Great tips.

    7. This is very helpful! I am certainly a list keeper, but love procrastinating! Must work on that.

    8. I love multitasking which is bad. I always end up spreading myself thin. great article!

      1. I also love to multitask but only with household chores. I do batching for blogging tasks.

    9. Great tips! I love writing my goals down, for I feel when I do, they become real. Thanks for sharing!

      1. Thank you Theresa. Writing it down is very effective.

    10. Great post here. I love this post. Goals must be simple, smart and easier. When its too complex and complicated it will look unachievable. I achieved a few goals i set this year. Its because i made it simplier and look for ways to achieve it.


    11. Writing down my goals has been super helpful. It holds me just a bit more accountable, I feel like.

    12. Wow! These are really good tips. Thanks for posting. I do need some help with my goals too.


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