Vision Board Ideas. Affirmation Quotes Free Printables

Vision Board Ideas. Affirmation Quotes Printables

Are you creating a vision board for your goals?

To achieve your goals, goal planning and a VISION BOARD are must-do and must-have to succeed. 

A vision board is a visual representation of our goals and our big dreams. It helps us manifest our goals easily. 

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Vision boards can be used for different life goals.

Do you want to better manage your finances, travel the world, improve yourself, upgrade your house, and do what your heart desires? Manifest your goals by using a vision board.

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Vision Board Printables. Affirmation Quotes free printables. Do you need inspiration for your goals? Vision board is a perfect tool to manifest your goals. Download these free vision board printables.

With vision boards, you are already visualizing yourself living your dream life. You are claiming it and you are ready to receive it. 

Just looking at your vision board gets you inspired instantly. It sets your mood, gives you all the right feels, and makes things easier because you are goal driven. 

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Wondering what to get to start creating your vision board? It can be anything as long as it helps you manifest your goals. The sky is the limit. 

  • collage of images
  • old pictures
  • letters
  • memorable things
  • inspiring quotes
  • and your word for the year

Creating a vision board is fun and you will be filled with an energy that makes you "want to get it" no matter what. 

Vision boards printables


To create your vision board, you only have to be resourceful. If you are creative, you don't have to buy anything.

An old corkboard, pictures, cut-outs from a magazine, and other things that you already have that can help you manifest your goals can do.

Another option is grabbing the Vision Board Kit from Amazon.


I created Vision Board Printables that you can download for free. It has motivational quotes, and inspiring words and phrases. 

The free vision board printables can also be used as Wall Art Quotes. Just print and frame it. 

My Monthly Goal Planner PDF has a vision board. I created it that way so you can also see your vision board when you are planning and organizing your schedule and tasks.

You can take a picture of your vision board, print it, and paste it into your goal planner. 

I hope this post and this free vision board printables get you to start planning for your short and long-term goals. 

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Vision Board Ideas. Affirmation Quotes

My post normally contains affiliate links, I might get a small commission when you purchase through my link. Please know that I only recommend products and services that can only bring value to you. 


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