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How to Make Money With Affiliate Links as a new Blogger

How to Make Money With Affiliate Links as a new Blogger

When I was new into blogging I wanted to make money right away. I did not realize that blogging would take a LOT of work, learning, and frustrations. But these things did not stop me to continue achieving my goal of staying at home while earning online.

So, don't give up when the going is tough. You are not alone.

The quickest way to earn money as a new blogger is to become an affiliate marketer. You will be promoting affiliate links to your audience. (Take note that this is not the only way to make money blogging). Recommending affiliate products and services and getting commissions for your sales is how it works.

You need to join high paying affiliate programs, get your affiliate links for the products you want to promote and send a LOT of traffic to them.

You can promote your affiliate links through your blog posts, email, social media, and Pinterest.

This post contains affiliate links. I might get a small commission when you purchase from this site at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support. 

Getting Clicks on your Affiliate Links and Making Sales 

There's more to learn about affiliate marketing, you need to know your readers, what they like, want and need. What affiliate products and services you can recommend that could ease their struggles or make them happy? Align the affiliate products to your readers need.

Putting affiliate links in your blog posts and waiting for sales notification is not going to make you money. Sorry but it is the truth. Remember that someone needs to buy through your affiliate links so you can earn your commission.

You still have to get people to read your affiliate posts, make them realize that the affiliate product you mention is exactly what they have been looking for.

How to make affiliate sales when traffic is not good

Eyeballs to your affiliate links is what you really need. But if you are new to blogging you probably don't have a lot of traffic yet, so how do you make affiliate sales without a ton of blog traffic? Be specific with your goal and be laser focus with your affiliate marketing strategy.

What is your goal? Do you need to make 2 sales of a $29 product daily? Or do you need to make at least $10 a day as a beginner?

How do you make a sale? Are you following a strategy from a course you just finished? Are you trying a strategy you created?

You need to have a specific goal and a plan on how to achieve it. 

How to make money with affiliate links as a new blogger

Learn from these awesome courses that can help you make affiliate sales fast

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Learn how to make affiliate sales through blog posts and emails

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Affiliate Marketing Plan you can Follow 

1. Don't waste your energy promoting all your posts. 

Focus on your TOP posts. You can find that using Google Analytics. 

In this post you'll learn how to find your top posts using Google Analytics

Optimize your top posts by adding affiliate links and lead magnet to capture your reader's email so you can follow up.

2. Promote on Pinterest. 

You can get results and even go viral on Pinterest in just a few days. Create 5 pin versions of your top 5 posts and keep pinning them on Pinterest. That makes 25 pins pointing to your top 5 optimized blog posts.

Replicate the version of the pin that getting the most clicks. Pay attention to the headlines that get the click.

This strategy can bring huge and targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

3. Create more contents promoting one specific product. 

This is my favorite way of boosting traffic to my affiliate links. For beginners, focus on 1 or 2 affiliate products instead of working so hard getting traffic to all of them. 

Say, for example, the daily planner that you are promoting is getting good sales conversions. Can you write more blog posts promoting this specific planner?

Can you create a relevant opt-in freebie and promote the planner to your new subscribers? 

3 types of affiliate affiliate posts that you can write quickly

  • lists post
  • review posts
  • tutorial posts

4. Learn, learn and learn

Invest in yourself. Read a lot of blog posts about the topic where you need help. Watch webinars. Take free or paid courses.

5. Focus on one topic that makes a profit

If you need help about getting traffic to your affiliate links, dedicate an entire week or month learning about it.

I was not good at creating pins. My pin designs were so bad, color and fonts were not complimenting each other. But my goal was to increase clicks on my pins, so I had to learn about creating clickable pins. 

I created a pinterest board where I saved beautiful pins that I liked on Pinterest for my inspiration. I read a lot about branding your pins and creating viral pins. Overtime, creating viral pins became so easy for me and my pins started to go viral and my pins were getting clicks. 

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6. Don’t be fooled by urgent things

We tend to finish urgent things that does not really matter in a long run. Instead, focus on small things that help you make people click on your affiliate links or tasks that bring your blog to the next level.

Instead of spending an hour on Facebook groups why not learn about keywords? Or craft eye-catching headlines that get the click on Pinterest. These small tasks will bring huge traffic to your affiliate links.  

Instead of following people on Social Media why not brainstorm your next freebie to get your readers onto your email list? This gives you an opportunity to check in with your readers and remind them why the affiliate product you mentioned in your blog posts can help them. 

Most people don't buy the first time they hear about a product. You need to remind them by sending follow up through emails.   

How much can you make as an affiliate

Join high paying affiliate programs. Digital products like ebook, courses, and printables pay as much as 50%. 

Check out this lists of top affiliate programs here

How do I get affiliate links

Once you signed up for an affiliate marketing programs, you'll have your log-in and a password to access your dashboard. You can get your affiliate links from the affiliate dashboard. 

It will take you less than a minute to get your affiliate links. It's super easy. 

Always remember this when sharing your affiliate links 

Do not forget to disclose that you are getting commissions from the products you are promoting. If it is a blog post, a simple note that your posts have affiliate links will do. Same goes with emails. On Pinterest, you can simply add #ads, #aff link into your pin description. 

These are just a few ideas to make money blogging with affiliate links as a new blogger.

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How to make your first Affiliate Sale

I appreciate any feedback. Write your comments below and tell me what else you need to know about making money with affiliate links. 

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  2. Great tips for beginners looking to try there hand at affiliating ads on there blogs.


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