Chore Charts for Kids. Plus Hygiene Chart Printables

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Getting kids to do chores is a tough job. But you have to teach them personal responsibilities and basic life skills at a young age. 

Use the Chore Chart for kids to encourage them to do chores without a fight. Cute Chore printables will make it more fun for kids to finish their responsibilities. Today, you can download these chore printable set for free. 

Kids Chores...

Make bed
Pick up toys
Dust furniture
Sweep floor
Put trash in a garbage can

We also included a hygiene chart.

Hygiene Chart...

Take bath
Brush teeth 
Wash hands
Comb hair
Bed Time

These printables are also available in aqua and dark blue. 

Get them for FREE. 


Get your kids to do chores by using these chore chart for kids. Get them your kids to brush their teeth or make beds using the hygiene chart printables. These cute and child approve graphic will surely make it fun for your kids.


Chore Charts for Kids

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