Time Management Worksheets. Answering Questions Prompt From The Better Me Workbook

Time management worksheets for personal development

I just switched to monthly planning versus weekly planning. It's less work for me and I had more time to accomplish my goals.


I struggle with time management. I think because I work from home and see things around the house that also need my attention. 


Since I need to improve my time management skill, I thought I should take the "Better Me Workbook again." It includes five worksheets in different life categories. I skipped to Time Management Worksheets and did it first. 

I want to share my answers to the questions prompts of the Time Management Worksheets. After going through it, I've had so many realizations. It helped me positively in making decisions and making things simpler.

That's what I want. I want fewer things to do that get positive results.

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Time Management Worksheets. Answering Questions Prompts From The Better Me Workbook. Better manage your time

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These are the Time Management Worksheets Question Prompts that you can find in the Better Me Workbook:

Time management Worksheets. Questions to ask yourself to improve time management skills. Better manage your time with these time management worksheets.

What would I do if I had more time in my day?

I would make my home feel comforting for my kids, husband, and for friends who come over. I would read books, watch tutorials, plan, and crochet while resting on a bench swing like this. I would also plant trees, fruits, and vegetables for our consumption and to sell them like a real farmer do.

The benefits of effective time management include the following: 

  • Spending time with my kids teaching them life skills WITHOUT getting it done in a hurry because I have other urgent things to do and I need to be somewhere else. 

  • Listing fewer items on my to-do list.

  • I feel calm and accomplished.

  • Doing at least one thing from what I would do if I had more time in a day question above.

Obstacles that get in my way of making the best use of my time

  • my long to-do list. 

Ways I can overcome these obstacles.

  • I will delegate the morning sweeping in the backyard or treat it as my morning exercise and getting sunlight (I think I would choose the last one. I have no one else to ask to do this for me and it's good for my body. )

  • I will delegate the FB posting and some of my reels and Pinterest pins. ( I need to teach and pay someone to do this)

Steps I can take to gain control of my schedule

  • delegation
  • prioritizing tasks

Commitments I cannot change (work, school, family, meals, etc.)

  • My kids need to be in school at 7:45 AM so I need an hour to prepare them including breakfast and etc.

  • I need to work before they wake up OR when they have already left the house.

Commitments that have some flexibility (sleep, recreation, etc.)

  • my sleep schedule
  • my choice of tasks to spend time on

Tasks I perform best in the mornings (reading, problem-solving, phone calls, etc.)

  • writing
  • drafting ideas
  • self-care

Tasks I perform best in the afternoons (research, computer work, physical activities, etc.)

  • These would be graphics, scheduling posts, and spending time with my kids. ( I decided to end work time at 4 PM so I can do house chores and other non-work related things. 

Tasks that take me longer than necessary to complete (that I can delegate to someone else)

  • work-related tasks that I normally do in the afternoon.

  • I love the planner that comes with the Time Management Worksheets. With that one-page planner, you will be able to schedule your tasks and priorities.

After going through these questions, you are now ready to plan your day.

These questions made me realize that, instead of waiting for the perfect time to do things I love most, I can make time for them. I can make it happen now!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you find it useful, hopeful, helpful, and inspiring, or at least gave you an idea that you can apply to better manage your time.

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