3 Steps To Stop Procrastinating. What To Do When You Can't Even Get Started?

3 steps to stop procrastinating. What to do when you can't get started.

Is there a task or a plan that you want to do but can't even get yourself to start? Have you been procrastinating?

I am guilty of this. I love daydreaming of doing this, achieving that, and imagining what it would be like to be in my dream place. 

But after daydreaming, it seems very hard to take the first step to turn it into a reality. 

In this post, you'll learn 3 surefire steps to stop Procrastinating.


If you are like me, I would love to share what I do to keep the momentum and that cloud-nine feeling that will lead you to take action. 

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How to stop procrastinating. These simple 3 steps should help you start doing when you feel so lazy. Boost your productivity and get things done.

3 Steps To Stop Procrastinating. What to do to stop delaying.

How Stop Procrastinating Step #1


The first step is to make it your goal, not just a dream. Check your calendar and see the best time to start planning it. 

Can you make time before you go to bed? How about this weekend? Mark your calendar and be excited about it.

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How to stop procrastinating. Steps to stop delaying.

How Stop Procrastinating Step #2


Have you tried using vision boards? This will keep you looking forward to your goal. It will help manifest your goal visually. Put your vision board somewhere you can always see. 

How Stop Procrastinating Step #3


When you plan, it will affect how you make choices, places you go, and your actions will always be around your goal. It will always be on top of your mind. Eventually, you'll get started taking action.

Love planning and setting goals?

A few more sleep, and it's December already. Don't count. You knew how days passed. I didn't even realize we're in the second quarter of the year already. 

I am trying to say that when we don't start taking action immediately, the goals will never be a reality. 

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3 Steps to stop procrastinating. Stop delaying and do these to get started.

What is this thing that you are always thinking of doing? 

Have you been telling yourself that you are reducing your food budget? Maybe, you want to have a clear understanding of your expenses and income. How about starting a side hustle or switching careers? 

Decide that you will do it, create your vision board, and map out an action plan to achieve your goals. 

These three steps should get you started. 

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